Benefits of Agario game device

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How Are Textbooks Made? The Process Of Textbook Creation Explained

How Are Textbooks Made? The Process Of Textbook Creation Explained

Textbooks form the cornerstone of most student’s education and as a student it’s very common to have to read dozens of textbooks over the course of your time at college. But where do textbooks come from and how are they made? To answer this question you need to understand that there are a few different textbooks out there and each of these types has different origins.

Single Author Books
There’s a good chance that at least some of your textbooks are written by a single author, often an academic though not always. Some majors are more likely to base their education in these single author books while others use more conventionally understood multi-author textbooks.

Single author textbooks can really be anything. For example literature classes will use novels as their textbooks. Many liberal arts, anthropology and sociology classes will use single author books which are the result of fieldwork the author conducted and often single author books can be the result of a professor’s PHD dissertation. Even certain science classes will use single author books to fully expand on a certain subject or to approach a topic from a less dry and measured perspective.

Multi Author Books
The majority of ‘conventional’ textbooks are compiled and written together by multiple authors. Instead of seeking to present a single perspective on a topic these books attempt to be exhaustive and encyclopaedic in nature and cover the sum total of available information and departmental consensus on a topic. These are the types of books most people think about when they think about textbooks- thick volumes filled with facts and data and little interpretation.

Collected Volumes and Anthologies
Of course there are also plenty of textbooks which are compilations of smaller works by a wide variety of individual authors. A collection of essays on a single unified topic, such as film theory or a young adult fiction literature, epitomizes this style of textbook accurately.

Unlike other forms of textbooks these collected volumes and anthologies are generally put together by a single editor who may or may not contribute any of their own writing to the text but who curate the collection of writing from a selection of past and present authors.

The Textbook Creation and Printing Process
The actual process of making the textbook varies depending on which of the above styles of text is being investigated. Still, there is a general process which all textbooks go through.

All textbooks start with either an idea by the author/editor or an idea commissioned by a larger textbook manufacturer or university. That idea is then expounded upon by the author/editor who does the necessary research, writing and collecting to come up with their manuscript. That manuscript goes to an editor who reviews it, if it passes and doesn’t need major revisions it goes on to a copy editor who takes care of the specifics of spelling and grammar, and then it goes in for one final review and typesetting (interior design). Once the textbook passes all these checks it is finally printed and distributed to colleges and universities.

Highly-educated, highly-intelligent people can do incredibly stupid things

Highly-educated, highly-intelligent people can do incredibly stupid things

Stress can make even intelligent people screw up, look slightly crazy, and even undermine their health and well-being.
It’s true: even highly-educated, highly-intelligent people can do incredibly stupid things under stress. Take the woman, who upon finding that her house was on fire, grabbed what she believed to be two important objects before she rushed out- of- doors. They were an old issue of Time magazine and one slipper.
I myself have loads of empirical evidence to support this statement. And so have you. Have you ever rushed to get to the post office before it closed, only to discover the important package was still on your desk?
Here are some of the ways “stress stupidity” is expressed:
Losing things: How many times have you had to search for everyday objects such as keys, shoes, or your car in a parking lot?
What was happening just before you “lost” them? Your attention was probably fixed on the goal you were pursuing, rather than what you were doing when you put those items down.
Solution: Stop leaping ahead into the mental future and learn to pay attention to what you are doing when you are making transitions: leaving the house or office, parking, or going to the market. Pause and make a mental note of where you are going and what you will need when you get there or what you need to leave behind. When arriving at home or work, don’t immediately rush to solve a problem – children’s quarrels, a broken down appliance, etc.- before paying attention to where you are putting things (unless, of course, the house is on fire.).
Forgetting things you know perfectly well: While working with a marketing expert who was being paid by the hour, I had great difficulty getting the spacing right on a computer document we were designing together. Finally, I struck myself on the side of the head and said, “Stupid me. Hold down “control” while pressing the “enter” key.” This is an action I perform many times every day but had forgotten because I was hurried.
Solution: Time to take a break and take a breath. Do a stretching exercise. You will actually save time in the long run if you do so.
Brushing aside important information as a kind of “overload” that you can’t handle right now. For example, you may resolutely decide not to learn or implement a process that would make a job easier because you are too stressed and hurried to take the time to learn it. So you continue in your old, less effective but familiar way.
Solution: Take a break, take a breath, and find someone capable of helping you learn the new task, or just do it for you. Ask for help from people you know, being careful to select people who do not raise your stress level by displaying scorn for your “stupidity”. With the communication possibilities on the internet today, you can find someone easily who understands or can do what you cannot.
Brushing aside suggestions from other people, because you are too busy and harried to listen. You may even hear helpful suggestions as criticism, and feel more stressed.
Solutions: Take a deep breath, and just say “thank you.” That momentary pause may help you evaluate quickly whether the suggestion will save you time and stress.
Stress can make you temporarily stupid, until you come to your senses and regain your sense of humor and sanity.
So, stay in present time, alert to people, objects and action around you. Breathe deeply often, particularly when starting or finishing a task, or coming or going.
And above all, keep your sense of humor. Smile slightly as you remind yourself, “Stress makes you stupid!”